On Saturday, May 2, an event took place marking a step of great significance to the development and growth of Ilwaco. This ribbon cutting ceremony was presided over by Donna Rew, Peninsula area representative to the Economic Development Committee and was attended by Brian Blake and Dean Takko, our State Representatives; by Jon Kaino and Bud Cuffel, Pacific County Commissioners; Ilwaco Mayor Doug Hubbard, and both past and present Ilwaco City Council members; Jodi Reng, Timberland Regional Library director; Ilwaco Library board members and PACE board members. Also on the program were members of the "Working Committee" and the chairman Fred Marshall who gave thanks to Jack Williams, the architect; Gary Kobes, the project manager; working committee member Ann Saari (work she did!), and Sheriff John Didion.

Appreciation and thanks were extended to these dignitaries for their support and contribution making the remodel and renovation of the Ilwaco Community Building possible.

Many of the movers and shakers in the project were not mentioned by name. Shelley Daulton, director of PACE Home Care Program and in later years director of all PACE senior services, made invaluable contributions to make the dream come true. She and her husband Allan measured inch by inch each part of the building, each part of the plans. She provided the statistics and facts upon which the proposal was made, typed many pages of preliminary proposal parts, supervised PACE's move to their temporary quarters, and when I became ill, she took my place. Together she and Cathi Bannister, who was then director of nutrition, attended meetings and made necessary contacts. Mardel Bullis, the cook at PACE, worked long hours on the plans for the upgraded kitchen and dining room. Kris Pointer made certain that every detail of the plans for the library would be functional in reality. Dale Jacobson was on board with the know-how, and City Councilman Mike Cassinelli was thanked for his cost saving find of the generator.

The ribbon cutting ceremony was well attended. The Ilwaco High School Band started the afternoon with a brief concert and opened the ceremony with the National Anthem.

I cannot reiterate in this letter every person and organization mentioned at the ribbon-cutting ceremony who made a contribution to the completion of this community facility; however, I do think it is worth at least an article or feature in the community newspaper. Won't you please consider doing this?

This was truly a success from the grass roots - of many individuals working cooperatively with government at every level.

Marjorie Beard

Working Committee Member


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