I would like to commend and recognize Long Beach Elementary School and the staff and educators on how they continually strive to make the school better each and every day.  

  Growing up on the Peninsula and moving away from the beach for many years, I was hesitant to enroll my daughter in kindergarten as she did not attend preschool, and I was concerned about her making the adjustment. My concerns were quickly eliminated when I saw the care and warmth exhibited by the entire staff for the students, exceeding my expectations.

I would like to specifically recognize Mr. Carper (principal) and how he takes the time to personally connect with students by greeting each classroom every morning, for taking the time to form and facilitate committees to continually improve all aspects of the educational process, and his open door policy to every student; Mrs. Marshman (kindergarten teacher) for her ability to make each child feel special, to nurture and engage the interests of each student and motivate them to do their best; Ms. Chavez for her continual commitment to all the kindergartners and great energy with the children; Mr. Bergman (music teacher) for his ability to inspire the children and creativity in encouraging his class; Mr. Schenk (physical education) for his philosophy of always seeing and teaching the positive aspects of any situation and taking the time to greet each student every day at the door; and Mrs. Busse for her insight on how to help each student gain a foundation in reading and writing.

The office staff and teaching assistants exhibit an obvious warmth and commitment to caring for the students as individuals.

I wish to thank each and every teacher, teaching assistant and administrative staff member for their commitment and dedication. I am proud to send my daughter to Long Beach Elementary School.

Jill Samuelson


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