Returning from a two month tour of France, Germany, Denmark, Spain and Switzerland, I was reminded of the U.S. race to third world status.

    In every village, hamlet and town, no matter how remote, Europeans had postal service. Delivery was in every neighborhood of Parris, Hamburg, Kiel and all the other major cities. Here in this country, the postal service, the only institution besides the military provided for in the Constitution besides the branches of government, is in serious trouble.

    Why, you may ask? Because Republicans passed an 11th hour bill as Bush left town, requiring the postal service to fully fund all employee retirement for the next 75 years, and to do it now. This was clearly designed to break the postal union, and privatize this constitutionally created institution.  Ah, yes — your Congress working for the people.

    This is a disgrace, and it is further more a disgrace that people don’t rise up and say enough is enough. Ask your senator and representative what they are going to do about this.

Chris Thompson

An unhappy Vietnam-era Marine

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