On June 28 the board of directors of the Pacific County Historical Society decided in a special meeting that the current director, Bruce Weilepp would be terminated on July 31.

Bruce was told that his services would no longer be needed and that the medical insurance on his wife, which was expiring on June 30, would not be renewed. Perhaps to some folks that wouldn't be a problem, but to the Weilepps it is a hardship. Money was cited as the reason for the termination. According to Bruce, the financial situation facing the Pacific County Historical Society occurs every year at this time and is solvable and negotiable. The issue with the health insurance infuriates me, but the bigger issue is, where do we do from here?

Currently a person comes into the museum/visitor information center with a problem, questions or whatever. If I can't help them, I can punt to Bruce. He has more Pacific County history in his little finger than I will ever have. After July 31, what do I tell folks - "I don't know and I don't know whom to ask or where to tell you do go?" What is our direction after July 31? Who will do the 1,000-plus things that Bruce currently does? Is the board going to write the Sou'wester, pick up the mail, operate the fair booth, research members' questions, empty the garbage, etc.? At best, we will have an inferior product and I'm not willing to be part of mediocrity.

The bottom line is, I quit, color me gone. I want my wife to join me, but that is her decision.

Glenn Olson

Bay Center

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