An open letter to the Clatsop County Commissioners:

Barraged as you have been with emotionally charged public and commercial debate, and in the midst of unraveling the persistently complex regulatory conditions and lengthy documentation regarding compliance, one small piece of profoundly significant information may be overlooked or lost in the shuffle.

The proposed liquefied natural gas facility under consideration is known generally by the corporate name of "Bradwood Landing." This is the name dominating virtually all public statements and published documents.

Expensive ads feature the faces, names and short quotations of some of your constituents and the name "Bradwood Landing." However, in the tiniest print at the bottom right corner, you will find this telling definition: "An energy project of NorthernStar Natural Gas."

NorthernStar is not in the business of constructing, operating, or even living up to glowing promises associated with an LNG facility at Bradwood Landing. This is the name of a venture capital company which, once the legal and political hurdles have been cleared, intends to dispose of Bradwood Landing in order to realize unusually high gains for its investors. For NorthernStar the motivation is profit, big returns on investment.

Investors knowingly accept the possibility of loss when they buy stock in high-risk ventures. Their hope is to benefit greatly from their investment. Your burden is protecting the people of Clatsop County from exploitation by profit-driven development. In doing so, you protect not only the interests of local Oregonians, but all who value, enjoy and love the Lower Columbia River.

Please make it your highest priority to consider the best long-term interests of all who live by, look at, use and cherish this river. No one else at present holds the power and authority to do this for us.

Alan C. Batchelder


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