This is a good story. You might have it in the sheriff's report or an article describing a burglary and subsequent capture Aug. 9. Well, those were our tools that were taken. Theft of construction site tools has been happening a lot here and that day it was my turn.

Of course, I immediately called the sheriff, they arrived quickly and we looked it over and did the usual documentation and their investigation. I felt they were pretty thorough, but later learned how much so. There was a certain dollar value to the missing items, but at least that much more for the irritation factor. To bad insurance companies don't pay for irritation. I expected to never see those tools again.

Three hours later I got a call that the sheriff deputies found the missing items and apprehended the red-handed suspects. The phrase, "Now that's crime fighting" came to mind. The deputies "caught for doing something good" was another.

While I'm on the subject, a couple of years ago I was disappointed the voters turned down a special levy ($50,000) the sheriff requested for special drug enforcement. I voted for it, but was surprised at the outcome. That was a teeny amount compared to the rest of the levies. Illegal drugs go together with burglaries and other crimes, and to have the time to know better the drug players, you get the side benefit of solving and preventing more crime overall.

I have known the sheriff and many deputies for a long time. They live here, raise families, and want it crime-free as you and I do. All along I have known them to be serious about their profession, including Aug. 9. A lot of crimes are hard if not impossible to solve and you spend time on all of them to get some success stories. They wade through them all as limited time permits. John, sorry to "borrow" your slogan, but it was too tempting and appropriate. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Robert W. Bonney


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