I am writing in response to David McColm's letter in regard to the relief account that was set up in his name following his accident. I am the president of the Peninsula Saddle Club (PSC) and the person who set up the account when a mutual friend/PSC member asked if the club could do so.

When I read David's letter, I went immediately to our files, pulled the bank statements and the deposit slips the club had received. I then went to our mutual friend and asked if she knew that David had questions about the account. She said when David recently asked, she told him that the PSC president and his sister-in-law were signers. (NOTE: Neither the Peninsula Saddle Club nor myself personally were ever called or written to asking for information.)

Next I went to the bank to obtain copies of all withdrawal slips, and then I called David and left a message. All of this took approximately a week as the account has been closed for over a year and the bank had to locate and pull the signed slips from storage. I apologize, David, for not notifying you sooner, but I wanted all of the information first. Also, I'd like to extend my condolences for all the hardships you've had to and continue to endure.

The account was set up in David McColm's name. It was opened on Aug. 28, 2002, and closed on Dec. 16, 2002. The total amount donated was $1,305.40. David has now been given all the information including copies of the signed withdrawal and closing slips.

These accounts require the individual who opens the account to be a signer, but you can add additional signers as long as they are able to sign the card. Only one signature is required to transact business. We, the friend and I, had decided that since David was in a coma and his wife was at his side and/or traveling, we would add his sister-in-law, who was handling the household and children, as a signer so she could pay utilities, rent, buy groceries and pay travel expenses for his wife, etc.

I continue to recommend the use of relief fund accounts as they can help people in their time of need to a great extent. I talked with a bank representative about this situation and received confirmation that if a signer is added, they can hold the card to be signed for a reasonable amount of time in case the individual becomes able to do so.

I especially sympathize with you, David, for the further frustration of not being able to obtain records from the bank. Understandably, the law requires that only signers can receive account information. I advise that anyone who sets up these accounts try to get the individual that it is for and/or named for on as a signer so they can at least get the information directly.

I hope this clears up everything for you, David. My thoughts and prayers are with you for a happier, healthier future.

Becky Davis Huddleston

Long Beach

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