Discovery Coast Audubon Society has created "A Guide to Birding in Pacific County, Washington" as a fundraising project. We created this book not only to assist birders but to help with a few dollars to protect habitat for birds and wildlife.

The guide has colored pictures of local birds, 24 black of birds to test your knowledge; a list of Washington state birds; answers to the 24-bird identification and more color pictures of local birds.

The birding sites are broken down into three sections: section one is Leadbetter point; section two is Willapa National Wildlife Refuge headquarters; and section three is Tokeland area. Each section is broken down into "Habitat," "Access," "Birding" and all the different areas within each section to stop and go birding.

There is also a "Bird Sighting Checklist" naming each bird of the areas then broken down into (a) nests, (b) common, (c) unknown, (d) rare, (e) spring; (f) summer; (g) fall and (h) winter.

You will find table of contents and index to help you with determining what bird you have spotted and several pages for notes.

These guidebooks are not very large and easy to tote around with your other bird books, etc. For purchase of these books please visit the Visitor's Bureau in Seaview and the Chamber of Commerce in Ocean Park and/or call the Audubon Center (in progress) at 642-1310.

The board of directors decides what may be offered at our monthly meetings and approves those interested in offering to sell these guide books, or any other birding pictures. Please call 642-1310 so the board of directors may vote on how profit may be gained.

On a another subject, the July 13 Audubon meeting was very informative regarding the reckless disregard for the life of birds on the beach. We were told that all the evidence and witnesses have been gathered and it all now goes to the prosecutor. We have learned that there is a possibility that we could sit in at a court hearing, in the future, to "sit for the birds" so to speak. If you are interested in participating with us in this please e-mail, and leave a phone number also in case we would need to find you quicker than a return e-mail.



Discovery Coast Audubon Society of Pacific County Washington

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