In her July 10 response to my "Presidential Prevaricator" letter, Chinook resident Edie Faylor accused me of writing "one of the most disgusting letters … ever submitted to this paper" (Observer), claimed I am anti-American, and suggested that I move to another country.

(1) Over the past 20 years as a peninsula resident, I've surely written much more disgusting letters. (2) I'm as pro-American as POTUS 45. (3) I might migrate to Norway, one of Trump's favorite bastions of whiteness. I could reside there awhile and return to be quickly vetted by competent White House staff — owing to my whiteness, Ph.D., love of animals, gardening skills, and my firm resolve to drive carefully through Chinook, whose 466 residents are patriotic America-lovers. Might be worth the candle.


Ocean Park

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