I am very disappointed at what Mr. Mike Collins has directed his roadway maintenance crew to do in Oysterville.

The extreme trimming and cutting of hedges and trees within the town is uncalled for. The charm and ambiance of the town depends as much upon the landscape as well as the architecture.

Our county officials seem to ignore this. Traffic is minimal and usually in the 15 mph range as visitors admire what has been preserved. Many come to paint and photograph the byways.

If an individual citizen were to do what the county has done, the officials would tie that individual up in red tape and permits.

In a few short minutes the power trimmers and chainsaws have altered foliage that has taken years and decades to develop.

For what? The right of way was clear and clean and attractive and functional. It was plenty wide for emergency and construction vehicles.

Brush could be trimmed back at some intersections in the area. Trash picked up. Better sign- age might help to control beach visitors and their vehicles.

I do not live in Oysterville but visit daily on my walks and rides to the post office and Oysterville Sea Farms. I consider it to be like a park. Help maintain it if you wish, but please consider what you have before you alter it. The hedge you left across from the church is as ugly as graffiti on the side of a building. You and your department should make this whole, even if it means tax dollars to fix your "fix."

James R. Carl


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