In response to the on-line Observer opinion poll, "Who is to blame for the nation's escalating home mortgage trouble?" Your choices are lenders, borrowers, or the government for lack of oversight.

In my opinion it is the media that has caused the bubble to burst.

Before the media started talking about the bubble bursting in the housing market, real estate was doing just fine.

However, since the media starting putting fears into buyers stating that the bubble has burst and housing has come to a halt and buyers are scared to make a move.

It is all over the news, radio, internet, and television that the housing market has come to a halt.

Now that gloom and doom has been installed into the consumer, everyone is sitting back and waiting to see what happens next.

Are the interest rates going to fall or are they going to rise? What are the Feds going to do next?

Housing prices have come down because of the media's impending doom.

Interest rates are great!

Interest rates are lower than I have seen in a long time. It is a buyer's market!

When I bought my first home in the early 1970s, my interest rate was 12 percent which was really good considering I could have locked in at 17 percent. People did not stop buying real estate because the interest rate was so high.

Therefore, I believe that if the media would just calm down and let Realtors and Lenders do their jobs we will be able to continue to buy and sell as we did during the last real estate boom.

If you have good credit, there is no reason that a person shouldn't consider purchasing real estate now.

If you have bad credit, go see your local lender to see what you can do to clean up your credit. There are solutions for first time buyers, people on fixed incomes, and seniors.

I don't see all the doom and gloom, I see real estate as a time to get great deals and a time to plan for the future.

Even Donald Trump stated on Larry King Live, "Now is the time to buy."

So, let's be positive and talk about the good things that lenders are doing and the great buys that are out there. Quit being so negative as it will only bring negative results.

Jackie Sheldon

Realtor, Lighthouse Realty

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