Common knowledge of bears: Bears are not like apes and congregate willingly into a group. They do not have an instinct to be a family! Records show that even when a human raises a cub bear into adulthood, there is still the instinct to kill. Nothing will change the instinct of any bear. At best, a bear tolerates a human long enough to receive food. There is no taming of the bear!

What does that leave us with? Just a few humans that are of the mind that control can be had over a bear. I kid you not — there are some who believe bears should be treated as if they were elk, deer or humans. Where do we go from here? Can we control humans? Can we convince bears that they should not eat out of garbage cans or food provided by humans? If we could, we could save lives of bears!

The best for bears at this point would be for them to be relocated to save their lives. We humans have taken away their natural habitat so they are willing to risk their lives to find food from humans. Three cheers for bears staying alive!

Patricia Cruse

Long Beach

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