“Drill Baby Drill” was once one of the many short-lived mantras of the right as well as the corporate media. The left was silent on the issue, fearful of showing up in the cross hairs of the “liberal” media. Who could be against cheaper gas at the pump and energy independence?

You don’t hear the “Drill Baby Drill” chant anymore because we have moved on to other mantras and we are in fact “Drilling Baby Drilling.” You probably haven’t noticed a drop in prices at the gas pump, or sighs of relief as we reach energy independence. You probably have not heard of the continuing blowouts and spills in our dying seas and sickening land. No, the right, corporate media and the plutocrats have moved on to new diatribes; job creation brought to you by the Keystone Pipeline and coal exportation. Nice to see they are thinking of us. Keystone, a great idea for Canadians — they assume the financial benefit and we the risk. Or how about sending all that coal to the Far East to be burned and the smoke blown back to our shores on westerly winds? The smoke may mask the filth the coal trains will dispense along the Columbia Gorge, and the bleak-looking communities lucky enough to exist along the route, and who needs clean water anyway? Job creation! Where was the media or political outrage as corporations sent hundreds of thousands to jobs to Asia and Mexico? Oh, that’s right — we will retrain, though one might ask retrain for what?

So we are drilling, digging and fracking, things are definitely looking up for America. If you believe this, I know of an island in New York I will sell you for $24. So, even as I write and you read this, the airways are full of ads to fund port expansion, touting job creation and economic growth. Sound familiar? It’s like voting for and supporting the “job creators,” another sound bite you don’t hear much anymore. Probably because the “job creators” have been busy creating jobs in Asia, or don’t want people to remember business does not create jobs, demand creates jobs. Silly huh?

As you listen to this latest assault on the American people, port expansion, keep in mind it is for coal and liquid gas export and ask yourself is this in the best interests of you and your children? Or is it another campaign to enrich the trans-national corporations at your expense, you know drill baby drill equals cheap gas and energy independence.

Chris Thompson

South Bend

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