The Board of North Pacific County Emergency Medical Services District #1 (NPCEMSD #1) is reducing the amount requested for the excess levy which voters approved in November 2018 by $60,000. This district provides emergency medical services through contracts with the City of Raymond and the Naselle Volunteer Firefighters Association and covers the geographical areas of the Naselle, Raymond, South Bend and Willapa Valley school districts. This district is governed by a seven-member board made up of one representative each from the City of Raymond, City of South Bend and Pacific County fire districts 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8.

This district is a junior taxing district and must have a balanced budget. We must start our annual budget process in July in order to have any requests for levies, excess levies or bonds to the county auditor in August if we want to make the November ballot. The district can't spend any more money than it has in revenue so the budget process must be very conservative in projecting both revenues and expenditures.

As we put our budget together in July 2018 we calculated a need for an excess levy for 2019 in the amount of $460,000. In November 2018 the board of NPCEMSD #1 asked for and received voter approval for an excess levy in the amount of $460,000. In the latter part of 2018 we found we had accumulated a significant amount of unbudgeted revenue from Forest Excise taxes and State Timber Land income. Because of this unbudgeted revenue, the board decided to reduce the amount we needed through the excess levy process to $400,000.

When it came time to submit the final budget for 2019 to the Pacific County Commissioners in December 2018, a resolution was passed by the district board requesting the reduced amount of $400,000.

It should be noted that the district will bill insurance companies for ambulance use but citizens of the district will not have to make any out of pocket payments (deductibles, etc) for ambulance service to the nearest medical facility.

The Board of North Pacific County Emergency Medical District #1 is proud of the two contractors, the paramedics, EMTs and first responders and the care they give to the citizens of the district.

We would like to thank the citizens of the district for their continuing support and please know that we will continue to manage this district in a reasonable, responsible and conservative manner.

L. REX HUTCHINS, Fire District 3

WILL GREEN, Fire District 4

TAILEEN WILSON, Fire District 6

ANDREA SHOTWELL, Fire District 7

JAN WILSON, Fire District 8

TONY NORDIN, City of Raymond

BOB HALL, City of South Bend

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