This letter is written in response to Alan Trimble's letter published in last week's paper.

Mr. Trimble is absolutely correct in assessing the most serious health risk to the bay and its surrounding water system. It is runoff from impervious surfaces brought on by human development and activities. When the land is cleared and all the trees cut down to make way for the roads, utilities and houses the natural aquifer recharge surface area has been removed and therefore needs to be replaced.

How, you ask? There are many different kinds of erosion and sediment control systems available in today's market and professional installers who can build them. Silt fences and sediment mats seeded with water quality seed free from noxious weeks is one option. Another is a water bio-swale that can be installed to help filter runoffs from roads, driveways and other accesses either paved with asphalt or concrete. These can be built in as one total system along with the inlet or catch basin. Runoff water can all be channeled into these manmade filter ponds. All the sediments, human bacteria and road pollutants can sit and settle into these ponds.

Its own filtration system - sound simple? Yes, but only if these developers and real estate businesses and the local county government are willing to see that they are done. I feel they are an absolute necessity. If people are willing to just sit back, collect the money and taxes and do nothing else, then you can remove the "pristine" tag some people with blankets over their heads are calling this bay, and start calling it Chesapeake "West." Nice tag, huh?

Permanent erosion and sediment control devices need to be incorporated into any large or small developments in and around the Willapa Bay ecosystem.

By the way, the cost for installing these systems should be borne by the developers and maintenance of them should be borne by the individual property owners or that community as a whole. If they do this, a tax credit could be given.

Gene Lilly


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