As the Superintendent of Educational Service District 112 (ESD 112), I want to take this opportunity to write a letter to the residents of the Ocean Beach School District. ESD 112 works collectively with 30 districts in Southwest Washington to bring equity and opportunity to children in school districts of all sizes - large and small, urban and rural. Outreach activities and district visits are important annual priorities for the ESD 112 Board of Directors to learn more about the schools and communities they serve.

In January, we spend a day in Ocean Beach touring school facilities and classrooms and participating in a join board meeting with OBSD Board Members. We also convened a dinner meeting where the boards discussed early learning programs, funding challenges, math and science curriculum and graduation requirements. During this time, the leaders engaged in valuable and productive dialogue about areas where we can continue to collaborate as partners to assure operational efficiencies and educational success for every child.

We were so impressed with the leadership of your school board, superintendent and administrators. These leaders work tirelessly to provide comprehensive and quality services to students and accountability to their patrons. We witnessed some very exciting facility improvements and dynamic teaching in action. The new Hilltop campus is certainly a lighthouse for the community!

Superintendent Rainer Houser and your elected school board members have demonstrated phenomenal guidance given the magnitude of the many projects underway throughout the district. The OBSD staff has continued to deliver successful academic programs even in the wake of multiple challenges. Student test scores, especially in reading and writing, have continued to soar and additional early learning programs are being implemented to assure lasting success.

I am not able to make the trip to Ocean Beach as often as I'd like, but I have remained aware of the facility projects throughout the District and the remarkable quality of your educational programs. I know from our exchange with Rainer and Ocean Beach board members that they have the best interests of students and families at heart. After visiting the coast it was very apparent your district has much to celebrate.

I appreciated the thoughtful comments and reports from the OBSD Board. I am delighted that ESD 112 was able to participate in this valuable exchange to learn so much from our leaders about the great schools in your community!



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