The recent court defeat of Oregon LNG is especially relevant as this month is also the one-year anniversary of the defeat of proposed Bradwood Landing liquefied natural gas terminal and pipeline. It is good to live in a country of laws where sometimes ordinary citizens can prevail against overwhelming amounts of money and the influence it can buy. 

The Texas energy speculators promoting Bradwood Landing spent $100 million over five years trying to buy our river. But estuary citizens rolled up their sleeves and went to work. They formed local groups, educated themselves about LNG, land use laws and other tools that a healthy democracy offers. They brought independent experts to town to give us accurate information. They held a referendum in which 76 percent of Clatsop County voted no on LNG. They worked to elect new county commissioners who would not be dazzled by the money, but would look at the issues clearly and vote in the best interest of our communities and our future.

Someone once told me, “Oh! You can’t stop these kinds of big, destructive projects.” Fortunately a wide majority saw it differently, stood up and said, “This is not what we want in our community!” I am proud to be part of such an articulate, intelligent and hard-working community.

Ted Messing


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