I read with great interest your editorial about sequestration cuts. First off, what I found interesting is that nowhere in the article did you mention the fact that it was President Obama who put this event in motion.

    If the president and the Senate had done the job they are hired to do, we would have had a reasonable budget year after year, but as we all know that never happened. Total cuts in the budget because of sequestration is approximately 2.5 percent of the entire budget, which is negligible. It certainly isn’t enough to make a dent in our huge and ballooning debt.

    As usual, you also mentioned that although cuts need to be made (somewhere else) we must also increase taxes on those who deserve to be taxed even more.

    Yeah, let’s tax those who produce and give to the “unfortunates” and “vulnerable” who don’t. It is like killing the goose that laid the golden egg. Yes, we need to something with our tax structure that is unbelievably complex and go to something as simple and equitable as the Fair Tax. That would increase help to those who really need it and make life a lot simpler for all concerned. It would encourage new businesses even from overseas, and it would finally be fair on us all.

Edie Faylor


    EDITOR’S NOTE: See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FairTax for an explanation of the “Fair Tax.”

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