Sometimes things click and answers appear out of nowhere! Last July, in a strange fit of impulse buying, I purchased a 10-year-old motor home in the Seattle area, drove it home and then realized I had a lot to learn before heading out on the road. There were some daunting upfront repairs and big tire purchases, which did little to bolster my confidence but I bravely took off in early September for “Folly’s” inaugural trip. My daughter, a friend and I were headed to my high school reunion in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

The trip went surprisingly well: tanks got dumped; a Spokane Wal-Mart allowed us to parking lot camp on our first night out; and I learned to choke back the gasps of horror when filling up the gas tank. On our third night, in a “real” campground, I struck up a conversation with a couple who were on their way home to Wisconsin in their trailer. I asked him where his rig was “wintered” since his area is known for its heavy snows and low temps. He said his nearby county fairgrounds charge $250/year for storage in secure buildings.

That was exciting news! Commercial storage costs here on the Peninsula are such that I was planning to spend around $400 for a giant vehicle tarp and hope my rig would survive the winter in my yard. Returning home, I called the Pacific County Fairgrounds director, not actually believing that the little town of Menlo would have a similar program. Well, yes, they were happy to babysit “Folly” until April 1 for only $200.

Last weekend I bid “Folly” goodbye until spring. I was truly grateful when Steve Steiger, the maintenance man, said he would start her up every month just to check out how she was doing. No charge … just a nice guy doing a really nice favor. They still have space so if anyone is in need of covered storage over the winter for boats, trailers etc. do give him a call at 360-208-3304.

I was ready to give up motor home camping, offer “Folly” for sale at whatever price I could get next spring, but now that the storage issue has been solved I just want to pass this info along. Maybe someone else needs the help that fell into my lap at a campground in Wyoming.

Sandy Nielson


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