This letter is directed to the so-called "powers to be."

On Wednesday, Nov. 3, it was a nice day, warm and sunny. I was anticipating coming home after work and sitting out on the porch relaxing and enjoying the rest of the sunny day. But to my disgust, my house and the surrounding neighborhood were covered with this rancid smelling smoke.

This smoke was coming from the property a few hundred feet from mine. In fact, the smoke had encompassed from just below 40th Street in Seaview to almost 10th Street in Long Beach. My wife had all the windows shut to keep the smoke out of the house - I can imagine the residents to the north of me were doing the same. This situation irritated me to the point of writing this letter.

First, all of you "powers to be" impose a burn ban of yard debris in a too narrow restricted area. I don't know who came up with these completely ridiculous boundaries. You impose rules of the Olympic Air Quality Authority and set boundaries that I found in the Association of Washington Cities' website regarding burn bans in smaller cities.

What really makes me upset is that you ban residents who would like to burn their yard debris, especially after a storm. (Yes, I understand there needs to be restrictions regarding fire size, water availability, the time of year, etc.) But to allow someone to burn just outside the boundaries any time of the year with no consideration of the size of fire, its contents, or which way the wind is blowing - to the point of smoking up half of Seaview and the lower part of Long Beach with rancid smoke - is completely absurd.

Is air quality the agenda here, or is there a hidden agenda? This is the third time this year that this has happened. "Powers to be," you need to think some more regarding this and these issues, by either loosening up burn ban restrictions within these boundaries or widen your boundaries so everyone is impacted. Like the old saying, "What's good for the goose is good for the gander." - even if it is just outside the fence.



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