Let the scientists and theologians explain why Katrina happened. It did ... and it let loose the most disastrous natural event in American history. Described as a Dante's Inferno among other horrendous labels, millions of people were devastated for four days in the midst of an incredible unbelief that this could happen and a hopeless fear we could do little to help. Then the spirit of "we can and we will" came alive.

All the military services, emergency organizations, governmental aids, etc. organized an extraordinary plan of rescue, food and medical help within the space of hours. They connected as one team. Thousands were helped and on their way out of that hell hole.

The poorest of the poor, the elderly, the sick, the babies - all souls who contribute little or nothing to society and who have no particular value for their culture - were cared for and helped through the personal sacrifice, spontaneous volunteering and commitment of our government who put into practice the lofty ideals our people stand for.

Chaos reigned for a brief time. Then the glorious can do intelligence of a determined people rose from that waste and with lightening speed we watched salvation and compassion and saw results take place on our TV screens. The Chinese have a symbol, which means both crisis and opportunity. Once again, the faith of our people switched their attention from the crisis into what may perhaps become the greatest opportunity of our history.

This may be what we needed to remind us who we are and the stuff of which we're made. Perhaps we've paid too much attention to the media downcasters who try their darndest to make us see futility everywhere we turn. The problem isn't solved. It will be difficult and take a long, long time. But our people united. We rose in one spirit with a voice that will continue to grow louder and louder. The United States is revealing that we are a country of faith and Yankee creativity is alive and well.

Micki Horne

Long Beach

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