I am writing this letter to recognize the professional service that is provided by Pacific County Fire District 1 and to encourage those who live within the boundaries of the Fire District to support their upcoming emergency medical service levy.

It is because of Fire District's commitment to our community that we can all rest assured that in our time of need they will be there, response-ready. Following the December storm, and my involvement with the Eye of the Storm community event, it was easy to see that the District truly cares about those who live and visit here. They were not only able to handle a multitude of calls, but were also available to fill oxygen bottles and to provide a place for people to come to ask questions, or simply to get warm. These times were unusual times, but on a normal day it isn't any different.

The volunteer members and those who have chosen to make this their career, do it because they care. They provide a service, beyond just fighting fires. They are the ones who install the blue address signs we see up and down the highway, they install smoke detectors to help keep us safe in our homes, they install lockboxes for emergency access, we can get our blood pressure checked any time, they provide public education programs including bicycle safety, car seat safety, fall prevention, wild land hazards, fire prevention, etc.

Your support of the EMS levy will ensure that we continue to have 24-hour a day emergency medical service as well as all of the other services the District provides. This is not a new tax, but one that we have all been paying for several years. Isn't it a relief to know that when we call 9-1-1, that the professional members of Fire District 1 will arrive within a few minutes?

I support this levy and I hope you will join me in voting yes.

Nanci Main

Ocean Park

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