I would just like to weigh in on the initiative about GMO (genetically modified food). I am voting in November in favor of I-522. As with many laws, it may not be perfect but it may be the best we can get right now.

My husband and I have traveled many places. Sixty-four countries already require labeling of GMO foods. You go into a foreign grocery store and the cereal box says “includes GMO ingredients” right on the label. Even 10 years ago we noticed this in grocery stores in Australia and the prices did not seem any higher. There is no reason we cannot join the other 64 countries with this labeling.

We label for salt, carbs, cholesterol and many other things. I may not need to know this information, but maybe someone else does. I think we should have the right to know if our food has GMO in it.

The opposition to labeling GMO foods is mostly funded by big corporations like Monsanto. They defeated a similar measure in California even when over 60 percent of the voters originally wanted labeling of GMO. The scare tactics convinced enough voters to decide against it. Let us think for ourselves and give citizens the right to know and choose. Join me in voting for I-522.

Marion Oman

Long Beach

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