A good steward is easily recognized. We all could make a list of attributes of a good steward without having to work too hard at it. Likewise, we could easily list ways to recognize a poor steward.

For starters, a good steward plans for the future, for as far into the future as is practical. A poor steward looks only to the present, or has visions for the future that can relatively easily be shown to be unrealistic.

A good steward looks to the ‘big picture,’ building up a framework that allows one to be prepared to meet any eventuality that can be foreseen, and even some that might look a bit odd — at least until the need arises. A poor steward focuses on one or two areas, usually hot button items that serve to fire people up, but do little to plan for real situations.

A good steward’s plan talks about even the hard problems that sometimes require painful solutions. A poor steward feeds us pie in the sky solutions. They may taste good at the moment, but are unlikely to have really nourished us. Unfortunately, we usually only find out that we are ‘underfed’ when the hard times come.

A good steward learns from his own experiences, but does more, going out to seek others with more and different experiences to learn from them and keep abreast of new information and solutions. A poor steward chooses not to challenge his own positions and beliefs.

There is a person running for water commissioner who has shown himself to be a good steward since a time before there was a water commission to be commissioner on.

He saw a need before most of us, and worked diligently to meet that need and prepare us for the difficulties that have arisen since, and further, positioned us to meet future challenges. That person is R D Williams, a proven good steward and the person I shall be voting for, as I hope you will be also.

Debby Moggio

Ocean Park

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