When is a rape not a rape? According to Jamie Herrera Beutler, our representative in Washington, D.C., a rape is not a rape if it is a statutory rape, even in the case of incest, or if the woman doesn’t fight back, even if date-rape drugs are used to incapacitate the woman being raped. 

So if you are pregnant because a family member forces himself on you, don’t expect to be able to get an abortion if you need to pay for it with your health insurance, Medicaid or Medicare. If you are pregnant because your date knocked you out with drugs, don’t expect any help from our government — at least not if the Republican Congress and our Republican congresswoman have their way.

And if you need a therapeutic abortion to save your life, count on being subjected to intrusive judicial hearings to judge whether your abortion is medically necessary.

Now you might hear that Beutler didn’t actually vote for these draconian measures. Technically this is correct, because her party put these measures into the bill after it passed, to give them cover. We are not fooled. If you don’t want the government in your bedroom, Rep. Jamie Herrera Beutler is not representing your interests. 

Frank Logan 

Ocean Park 

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