When one speaks of the meaning of “mandates and agendas,” one can say up front they mean different things to different folks. My perspective on what is going on in our nation’s capital does not represent what I would like to think is the “mandate” that the American people were trying to convey to the two parties. By putting the Republicans back in power in the House they were basically saying, “We want change.” Well, we have change all right, but I doubt that it is the change that the great majority of Americans wanted. Like it or not, however, we sure have it now! 

That change is the Republican agenda for reversing course on slow, but forward gains that economists have said will take more time, but should steadily improve over the next two or three years, maybe longer, due to the severity of the depression (excuse me, “deep recession”) that we have just been through. And I might add, this occurred under the previous administration of a Republican President and Congress, brought on by two costly wars and the crash of an uncontrolled Wall Street and real estate market gone wild and out of control.

President Obama and the Democratic-controlled Congress of 2008-09, with a few middle road Republicans, had to take major initiatives, including investing large amounts of monies to save our basic industries and the hundreds of thousands of jobs, as in the auto makers. Those companies are now back on track, making money and paying back the loans.

Just as things were starting to look just a little better on this slow recovery, the Republicans went on the attack with lies and scare tactics, and lo and behold, one half of Americans bought it, even as economists were saying that in times like these you have to spend money to get us back to where we want to be! Some even said we should invest more to get us back to where revenues return us to paying it back!

So now we have the blustery blowhards back in the driver seats, ready to take us back to hellish times with less regulation of the markets and more incentives for the money grabbers who got us into the huge mess we are trying to dig out of.

They offer nothing new, but what they are heading for is the decimation of Social Security and Medicare, two of the most socially and economically successful programs we have in America, at the expense of middle and lower class workers, those of us on it now, and future workers, our kids!

Watch as they push to force people to work and die before they can qualify for Social Security and Medicare (retirement at 70, for God’s sake), I will be protesting in the streets with everyone else here, just as we are seeing in the Middle East! Don’t think for a minute that Americans can’t do it all over again (look at Wisconsin).  I have had a bellyful of Republican greed and everything to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Even many of the rich, like Warren Buffet, know there ought to be limits to the rich’s benefits!

I have called my Democratic senators’ and congressmen’s offices and chewed their staffers’ ears on this and they have said they “will pass it on.” I think they will, because they seemed as upset as I am about all that is going back there in Washington from the lips of the Republicans!

If readers care as much about this as I do, I strongly suggest that they call your senators and congressional representativess and speak your piece, or forever hold your peace.

Ron Clemenson

Portland and Seaview

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