I have listened to too much rhetoric and demagugery this election season and it really sickens me.

Things the liberal left are allowed to say and do and not be called to accountability for and yet the conservative right are held accountable for every word and action smacks of an infringement of the right to free speech. It is shameful that polling places have to have someone there to make sure the voters are legal voters. Where is our sense of right and wrong?

It has not been the Republican Party who started this. This started when Al Gore refused, like the spoiled child he is, not to accept defeat. Actually, this has been going on much longer than Al Gore and the Clintons, but past history should be left in the past.

Everyone should have the freedom to speak, the freedom to pray, and the freedom to put the Ten Commandments anywhere they wish. Let us return to the things that work.

Right should be right and wrong should be wrong and there should be no gray areas in between. Let us return to good morals and good ethics. Why should this be so hard?

I am proud to be an American. I'm proud of the red, white, and blue. I'm proud of President Bush and the direction he is leading our nation. We are no longer afraid of our shadow. We are once again a proud nation ready to face our world and make a differance.

I challenge each one of us to believe in ourselves and our nation. Let us be proud to be Americans!

Frank Gillock

Ocean Park

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