To Victoria Stoppiello regarding her column last week:

I know that an editorial page article will be based on opinion not fact, but I was somewhat taken aback at your inference that George W. Bush was focused on "World Domination."

As I read your article, it seemed to me that this article and others like it from the left and the right are in part, a major problem that prevents our country from having a civilized discussion of its differences. We are so busy shouting that we are failing to listen.

Extreme unsubstantiated claims from either side are not productive to finding thoughtful solutions.

Another editorial submission in the same edition of the paper titled "One Man Out" also makes some outlandish statements that do nothing to heal rifts.

I am no new age idealist. I have worked for 35 years in the mainstream media and have seen its best and its worst. In addition I have served for many years on commissions in my community and have moderated discussions on issues ranging from sighting big box stores to the preservation of open space.

I have learned many lessons in life, but a major one is that we are all biased. It's impossible not to be. As a writer, it is important to know when our biases are overshadowing rational discourse.

Tom Frank

Twin Falls, Idaho, and Oysterville

After the amazing election results earlier this month I was curious to see how the painfully liberal leaning Observer would treat the results.

I read in shock the Nov. 10 "Just Think" column. It was as if the writer was claiming the election results were directly caused by George Bush's policies. That ship (excuse) sailed along time ago. Our current leadership has had two years to fix things and clearly has made things worse. Thus, the election landslide.

What was truly shocking was the list of policy problems the writer claimed the Bush years gave us. There are 10 policies listed. All 10 are being continued by the current administration! All of them.

Let's all hope the new crop of politicians, both Democrats and Republicans, do better for all of us.

Mike Niehaus

Ocean Park

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