The presidential election, thankfully, is gone for four more years. Two nine letter words come to mind. Verbosity and Integrity. The winning candidate remembered the "KISS" principle and in using it outsmarted his opponent who obviously considered his superior use of verbs would carry the day. Let us hope we citizens work together to bring together a more cohesive America. Eliminating the rancor of current partisan politics must be a primary issue.

Our state now has a step up from potentially pure party control. We passed Initiative 872. Let's all be sure to remind Secretary of State Sam Reed he needs to make sure any new legislation regarding voting rules retains citizen rights to freedom of choice regardless of party affiliation. Let us hope the new State Legislature recognizes this need and acts accordingly - led by a newly responsible Governor.

Here in Pacific County, we continue to be low on the totem pole. It is more important than ever Peninsula County becomes an established fact. The area north of Cranberry Road must not continue to pay for Pacific's poor performance. You can bet Oysterville is ready once more to become a county seat. THAT should be a number one priority - not just a new name. We need a sheriff's department serving community needs and a prosecuting attorney who supports an anti-harassment environment.

With activities of NPIA, current plans for a water tower including fire department water pressure upgrade, the Gibbs & Olson study on septic/sewer treatment systems, SHOA and Ocean Park Water Co. water treatment upgrades, Ocean Park school construction underway, Ocean Park C. of C. activities, there are many opportunities for those joining our rapidly growing area to get involved. Our peninsula will need the great ideas you all bring to your new home. The welcome mat is out for all of you to join us Beach Bums in these efforts. Let's clam together.

Ray Gardner

Ocean Park

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