I was piqued by the front page article on Oct. 23 about Congresswoman Herrera taking “heck” over her vote to reopen the government. To suggest that she took a courageous or controversial stand is very misleading.

She did not demonstrate courage or leadership on behalf of her constituents — she voted her party line in shutting down the government. After 40-plus failed attempts to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act, the House Republicans resorted to holding our democratic processes and government services hostage for the first half of October.

It would seem that she is out of touch with the over 30,000 Washington state residents who have already signed up for affordable health care and the 70,000 others who have applied in the first three weeks of the program. Thank goodness Herrera and others of her ilk weren’t able to stop the Washington state exchange.

Herrera is quoted saying that “it’s time to stop governing by moving from crisis to crisis.” She would have more credibility if she hadn’t already voted with the herd to shut down the government to begin with. Seems like she’s just trying to cover her tracks after hearing about recent poll results.

According to Standards & Poor’s, the pointless and wasteful government shutdown drained $24 billion from our national economy and reduced our GDP growth. The U.S. Travel Association has noted the shutdown cost $152 million in lost travel spending. Some of that lost travel revenue probably came out of the hide of our Peninsula. I know I cut back on my spending in October in reaction to the government shutdown out of fears that my pension would be negatively impacted.

Amy Becke

Ocean Park

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