Open letter to the Long Beach City Council:

We, the Lower Columbia Hispanic Council, are both surprised and disappointed with your decision to support the newly-signed Arizona law, SB1070. We believe that immigration reform is needed, but not through this misguided attempt that will create discrimination, hostility and suspicion. A good portion of the labor force in our region is Latino; many businesses are dependent on Latino labor, such as the hospitality industry, fisheries, agriculture, forestry and farming operations.

Support of a bill that threatens civil rights and supports racial profiling seems a tad careless. Washington state has declared itself a Hate Free Zone - do you think this will not be seen as contradictory? Supporting this bill also may have financial implications as cities across the country, Seattle included, are favoring an economic boycott of Arizona. Many people may not want to visit an area that supports such a discriminatory bill. Can Long Beach's economy afford a tourism boycott?

Support of SB1070 also cultivates distrust towards immigrants and creates a tool that will divide communities. We are asking you to please reconsider your decision of supporting SB1070; our community, tourism and economy cannot afford it.

Norma Hernandez,

Executive Director

Lower Columbia Hispanic Council and the Board of Directors Astoria

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