I am putting pen to paper this morning to express my gratitude for the Water Music Festival that graced our Peninsula Oct. 21 through Oct. 24. There is applause in my heart for each performer who gifted us with music and memories that will last a lifetime.

Recently I underwent a "surprise" surgery that left me out of balance. In the aftermath, the pain was difficult and healing was happening at a snail's pace. I have always been a believer that music is beneficial to one's health; that it moves, enchants, energizes and heals. The weekend of Water Music was a testament to pure joy and the confirmation that the medicinal qualities of music are true. As I sat in the performances, I felt a quiet vibratory energy within me, fostering well being and joy! The music literally awakened me, and remarkably, the pain decreased in notches. The healing benefits of music shine through and penetrate our souls, creating happy hearts and minds ... good health!

The Water Music Festival brought fresh awareness of the wonderful connection between the musicians and the audience. A sense of community, a belonging. How wonderful it is that music always unites us and will continue to do so. Clapping our hands together as "The Men of Worth" performed at the Church Center was a highlight for all who were there. I herald all the musicians who visited our little part of the coast, and I am eager to see who will come in 2005.

My hope is that music will find its place here on the Peninsula. As a community, we will all benefit. Music is for the youngest and the oldest. Music strengthens our concentration, provides incredible relaxation, brings immeasurable joy. And, hey! It's cost-effective!

A huge applause for the Water Music Festival! Don't miss this event in 2005! Let's give it our full support as a community.

Mary Dennison

Long Beach

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