The Chinook Observer's recent article on a local hotel fighting to prevent herbicide spraying of spartina, an invasive species on their property warrants a comment.

The rapid spread of spartina over more than 20,000 acres of Willapa Bay has fortunately been dramatically reversed, thanks to massive efforts by state, federal, and private parties. Hopefully that trend can be continued to the final endpoint of eradication, as required by state law.

Do we really want those efforts to be in vain because a few private landowners prefer not to control their spartina? If landowners do not want the state to control spartina on their land for free using herbicides, they are required to control it themselves using mechanical or other non-chemical methods.

If they do not control their spartina and it produces seeds, as it did last year, then perhaps they would also be willing to hand-pull all the hundreds of thousands of seedlings that have now re-infested the tidelands of adjacent property owners.

Kim Patten

Long Beach

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