“Hey, this is America!” My old friend Jim Masten used to say that a lot. He’d use it to suggest that we were free to do things, to say things and to get things done — I think most often when my maverick friend was doing something the boss might not exactly approve of. Today I woke up today with a bone in my teeth that I sure as heck wouldn’t let go of — no, couldn’t. It’s about all those things that Jim was referring to and a lot more. It’s about responsibility to assure our freedom; yours and mine.

I’m not the first to say that we want to see our Congress work together for the good of the country without all the partisan squabbling and obstructionism. Because, hey, this is America! This is not the Democratic Union of North America or the Republican Nation of the Americas or the Tea Party Federation or …. you get it. And I want, indeed, we need, our government to serve our needs as a nation. So sending that message to Washington loud and clear seems a top priority for each and every one of us. Might I suggest you do that? Now?

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