Recent public discussion has raised questions regarding how the planning commission of Ilwaco processes applications. As specified in the Ilwaco Municipal Code the Planning Commission reviews "all plats or plans of subdivisions of land within the city or proposed additions, as well as conditional uses, variances, dedications and vacation of streets and alleys."

The planning commission invites citizen participation on all issues that it reviews as summarized above. Recently, the planning commission reviewed a short plat application. Several individuals in attendance were against the short plat and brought up traffic safety issues, blocking of view corridors and other concerns.

In weighing these comments there were several overarching requirements that the Planning Commission must abide by in order to ensure that our laws are being followed. These requirements and laws are detailed in the Ilwaco Municipal Code (IMC). With specific regard to short plats applications, the Ilwaco IMC (see 15.64.040) mandates that the city take into account issues including zoning, sidewalks or other planning features (discussed during the meeting), shape and orientation, utilities, flood zone, easements, conformance with the comprehensive plan, and several others.

Based on the review of these specific elements of the IMC, the planning commission recommended that the city council accept the short plat with several conditions involving fire and traffic safety.

Although in this most recent case our recommendation went counter to opinions expressed by several citizens in attendance, the planning commission values input from these and other individuals who take time out to express their thoughts and ideas.

We thank those who have taken the time to come to planning commission meetings on the first and third Tuesdays of every month and continue to encourage interested individuals to come to these meetings.

The Ilwaco Planning Commission

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