It is the responsibility of everyone living on the Long Beach Peninsula to respect the environment and demand that visitors to this area respect it too. Beach usage and trash issues are most alarming during July 4 celebrations.

What can we do about this?

If you are a resident entertaining out-of-town company who will go down on the beach for a picnic, provide them with a garbage bag in which to bring back all their trash.

If you are a lodging establishment, make certain your employees know beach rules (no overnight camping, bon fires 100 feet away from the dunes, burn only paper and wood, 25 mph speed limit). Provide your guests with printed information about beach rules. As long as they last, flyers are available at the Visitors Bureau. Work to see that guests know they need to take a garbage bag with them out on the beach. Provide those bags, if you can. Also, let them know where they can throw away those bags of garbage.

If you are a non-lodging establishment business, provide counter personnel with enough information about beach rules so they can answer questions from customers.

   Again, as long as they last, flyers are available at the Visitors Bureau.

 Tourism is the world’s largest employer … and also this Peninsula’s largest employer. The bottom line for all of us is that for tourism to be a renewable resource, fragile ecologies must be protected. Our beach is a treasure. If we don’t believe that and support it, the tourists won’t either.

The Treasure Our Beaches Committee

Long Beach Peninsula Visitors Bureau

Shelly Pollock, Bob and Judy Andrew, Laurie Anderson, Evan Roberts, Jon Schmidt, Phyllis Knight, Nancy Gorshe, Lorna Follis

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