Thursday, March 31, between 7 p.m. and 7:20 p.m. at the Dunes Bible Camp swimming pool my daughter and her friend along with three other children got their cell phones stolen. The police were called like in any theft. Unfortunately, there is not much they can do.

Well, mister or missus thief, let me tell you how hard some of us have to work for that cell phone. My daughter must keep up on her chores and keep her grades up to at least a C. Last year, she got all Ds and Fs and she missed a lot of school. This year, she has As, Bs and a few Cs. She has not missed a day of school. She worked all summer last year to buy her own phone. Not long ago, her grandfather upgraded the phone you took. She does her part and I pay the bill.

Oh yeah, did you get the phone to do anything? I guess you shouldn't have turned it off - now you need a password. (Ha, ha, ha...)

You also took my daughter's best friend's cell phone (it has a cracked faceplate) and three other cell phones, as well as keys. Why? Why is it you think you have to devastate young girls' lives like this? Do you have any shame in what you did? These girls did nothing to you, and you have no right taking from them like this.

We just want the phones back in the same condition you took them in. There is nothing I want more then to get the girls' phones back in one piece, all of them. Some didn't have insurance. If you have a heart at all, please, please give the phones back. You can drop them off at the police station or at my w ork place, the Edgewater Inn. No questions, no trouble.

Lilah Lincoln

Ocean Park

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