A windscreen around the recycling bins on Bay Ave. may help the chronic problem with blowing debris. I sympathize with my neighbors who must endure the careless littering that often appears downwind of the bins.

Having volunteered many years on the Pacific County Solid Waste Advisory Committee, I know this recycling station collects as much material as all the other bins in the county combined. It is well-used, and greatly appreciated by many. But I've spent more hours than I want to count gathering windblown debris.

Peninsula Sanitation does its best to service the collection site regularly, but storms often come during the night. Part of the solution is for care by recyclers: Read the signs! Don't leave material outside the bins, especially garbage. Pick up debris, help keep the area clean. If abuse continues, we could lose this important facility.

Here's a report from the "Earthworks Recycling" newsletter on what could happen here:

Misuse Spells End of Recycling Bins

"Due to misuse and abuse, recycling drop-off boxes dispersed throughout Yakima County in the Selah School District have been removed. The removal of the bins is disappointing to citizens who used the bins responsibly but the cost of keeping these bins maintained and dealing with the non-recyclable items people were dumping just became too much of a financial burden for Yakima Waste Systems, Inc."

To read the full story on Yakima-Herald.com, visit www.yakima-herald.com/page/dis/301895347851713

Larry Warnberg


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