As Congress prepares to reconvene in January and the House and Senate receive some “new blood”  into their respective bodies, I can’t help but wonder how they will deal with the budget cutting process and how their body politic will play into that, but I have a suggestion. Don’t cut Social Security and Medicare, in any way shape or form! No doubt there are many, particularly on the Republican side of the aisles, that clearly cannot wait to cut, if not decimate, both social security and Medicare, those so-called entitlements.” There may even be some conservative Democrats who might actually side with them and thereby look like they are really being “fiscally responsible” so-called leaders and budget cutters!

  This, of course, would be done discretely in a shrouded sort of way, at the expense of the working men and women of America and somehow declared as not really hurting them in their future retirement. For after all, “everyone who really wants to, can build a retirement fund for themselves, even become millionaires, if they just put their mind and bodies to it!”  That seems to even be the Republican mantra for anyone who is worth their salt in this life!

  As most of us know, those who work for a living, raise families, and try to make monthly ends meet, simply cannot do it, and that is why Social Security and Medicare exists, at least today they do! 

  Social Security and Medicare must not only be maintained, but bolstered for the future and its recipients. Yes, workers are entitled to these entitlements because they are the very backbone of America, be they stay at home moms, or dads, office workers, plant workers (there are some left), all who toil for themselves, their families and for America. And yes, these current and future recipients of social security and Medicare also fuel the economy, a win-win for all Americans and America.

  So, if Congress and the President want to make some significant cuts that will pay dividends, get the “illegal immigration” issue corralled once and for all, get a common sense bill passed this next year so those illegals now here can pay their share of taxes, work their way to legal status, and become part of the needed fabric of our society. Think of the savings to our schools, our health care and our criminal justice systems. It will save billions of dollars and not hurt anyone in the process.

  So to Congress and to the President, I say let’s get on with it, think America and the American people and forget the political garbage and do your jobs! My New Year’s resolution is to call my representatives and put these thoughts in their ears to carry back to Washington D.C. I hope you will join me in this if you are as concerned as I am about this subject.

Ron Clemenson

Seaview and Portland

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