Our schools only operate because we as the local citizens of our community have consistently supported special levies for as long as Guy has lived in the Ocean Beach School District — since 1945. We have a lot of pride in the fact that no matter what the economic times, we as a community have consistently provided education for our future generations through the Washington method, the Maintenance and Operations Levy, or M&O for short. There is no one who has raised children in this Peninsula community that has not worked for the levy at one time or the other.

One of the highest responsibilities of this community and particularly the older generation is to give our youth all the tools we can to be personally successful. They will move the ball ahead with the evolving knowledge so that they too will give back by supporting these levies in the future.

Please consider a yes vote for the levy as an investment in our future. No one likes to vote or pay for taxes. In this case there is no doubt that some of the young people will use their skills along with their K-12 education received here to not only change this community but possibly change the world.

If the levy doesn’t pass we don’t just lose all the extra-curriculur activities. We start to reduce basic learning capability with reduced staff, larger classes and more. This school district cannot basically function. The state does not provide enough funds to even responsibly open the doors of the school.

Your yes vote is needed. Don’t forget to vote. There will be no increase in taxes, as this just continues the levies already in effect.

Guy M. Glenn Sr. and Carolyn C. Glenn

Long Beach

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