This is in response to Judy Roth's letter dated July 11 blaming tourists for all the garbage on the beach. I am tired of newly arrived locals (within 20 years) that blame tourists for garbage or whatever they want to blame the tourists for.

This Peninsula has very few things to keep it going without tourism. The fishing industry is having trouble with more limits on seafood. The shellfish industry on the bay is not enough to keep the Peninsula going. The seafood industry sells to the local stores and restaurants who in turn sell the seafood to local people and tourists. State services would be next to none ( I remember just a couple of offices in Long Beach everything was either in South Bend or Aberdeen). Ilwaco knows when the salmon fishing stopped that the town almost died before we got the season back and the town is starting, along with the port to come alive again. If we didn't have tourism there would be a lot less people working, less amities, less services, less police officers, less of a lot that locals are used to around here, so think of that.

I work in a local store and I hear it all the time, oh the tourists this or that, or there are so many tourists in your line, my reply most of the time is that you had better look again, most of them are locals. Before you moved here you came to visit the Peninsula as a tourist, you might not remember that.

Not all the garbage is tourists' fault, locals use the beach as well and had parties on the beach on the Fourth of July. Just go down "U" Street and look at the garbage - like the beach it also is locals that dump! Look at the paper a month ago when the county found garbage north of the Oysterville approach, at that time they hinted that it was locals. Also how do you determine the weight of the garbage that goes to the dump that is from the beach. If it is the weight that is weighed in just before it is dumped it is the wrong amount. I have been down on the beach approach in Ocean Park and watched at least one truck come from the beach, notice the Dumpster, go home and come back in about a 1/2 hour with a truck load of garbage and dump it. At the same time I noticed at least several cars come from Ocean Park and put their garbage in the dumpster. How many other locals have put their home garbage in those dumpsters?

You have got to remember that as soon as you leave the Ocean Park area you are considered a tourist. Going to Long Beach you are visiting another area. How you react as a tourist in another area reflects on the locals in that area.

Russ Lewis' letter last week stated in his last sentence: "Wouldn't it be wonderful if all folks using the beach could just clean up after themselves." I think that says it all - we all need to stop acting like pigs and clean up after ourselves where ever we go.

Bobbie Reynolds

Ocean Park

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