After your last crab feed and love fest, you were quick to label the Republicans the party of "no." Since then I have been wondering which parts of the Obama-Democrat agenda you would like the Republicans or anyone with an I.Q. of 10 or more, to say yes to.

The massive increase in national debt for our grandkids to try and pay off, the double digit unemployment, the billions wasted on stimulus which so far has only stimulated more government jobs, more bank bailouts, more auto bailouts, more Wall Street bailouts, more billions wasted on duds like 'Cash for Clunkers,' more deals to buy votes from special interests, i.e., unions, Nebraska, Louisiana, aud nauseum, more selling off of our country to China, more legislation like Obama Care, which is already seeing private health care rates skyrocketing and which we will pay for for four years before we get any benefit, more cuts in Medicare ... which of these sounds really good?

As to Brian "scared" Baird, instead of holding a face-to-face meeting with the people who elected him, he hid under his desk labeling us brown shirts with a mob mentality and taking carefully screened "I love you, Brian" phone calls. Then when healthcare comes up, which most of his constituents don't want, he votes no the first time to keep the heat off himself but when it is final voting time, he turns out to be just another one of Nancy Pelosi's stooges. The sooner that coward is gone, the better.

How about your candidate, "Spend our bucks Murray?" Why isn't she running on her record, which consists mainly of voting for all the nonsense above? Instead she counts on voter memory loss, attacking her opponent to take the heat off herself, and the votes of the robots who vote a straight party ticket because their mommy told them anybody in the other party was bad and evil. Maybe she could have thought more about what is best for the country instead of what is best for Harry Reid! At election time it is definitely time to send Patty packing.

No, I'm not a Republican. I'm an Independent. If you haven't figured out why we are deserting your party in droves, then maybe you should read the above again. Apparently you're as clueless as those clowns you elected.

After two years this economic shambles is all yours. Please, no more whining about or blaming George Bush. That litany is becoming very tiresome.

Bob Ward

Long Beach

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