I want to tell you about the maintenance man at Long Beach Retirement. Roy Gilman, was born on Sept. 9, 1946, to Eril and Margaret Gilman in Pasadena, Calif. He has one brother, named Mark. Roy attended Cal-State Fullerton as a young man. His major was communications. He owned a furniture store for 25 years. Roy said he was "self-taught about all machinery and tools." He has been married to a woman named Josie for three years. He came to Long Beach in April 2007.

He fixed a door by spraying the hinges and repairing the doorknob. He shampoos the carpets and floors with a carpet extractor. It has broken down twice and both times he has repaired it. The mechanic also does yard work for Long Beach Retirement. Roy pulls weeds, paints and whatever is needed. Roy repaired the automatic dishwasher in the past. The cook was very worried about it, but Roy calmed her down and fixed it. He changes burnt out lights and does anything he is asked. The future is right for Roy Gilman.

David Hansen

Long Beach

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