There are a great many people who enjoy relatively good health and as one of these I do not find it necessary to frequent medical facilities. And personally, for various reasons I tend to avoid it unless absolutely necessary. After recently developing a rather serious eye problem, I found myself heading for the yellow pages; ophthalmologists, see Physicians and Surgeons. After a rather circuitous effort, I ended up with a totally positive experience well worth sharing.

An eye clinic in Longview answered my call on the second ring, a real person whom I could hear, who spoke slowly and clearly, asked concerned as well as appropriate questions and scheduled an appointment within three days. Also she was ready to connect me with a medical technician to answer any immediate questions or concerns. At this point it was my jaw that needed repaired - it was hanging to my knees! Yes, they did take Medicare and Medicaid, no garbled messages to decipher or answering machines involved and certainly no taking a number. There seemed to be an unspoken understanding that I was not placing an order for fish 'n chips.

My glasses also needed a minor repair and a few skilled turns of a tiny pair of needle-nosed pliers. After my appointment a very pleasant and efficient technician disappeared with my glasses for a few minutes, brought them back to me fully repaired, adjusted and so sparkling clean I could actually hear better - at no charge!

This star-studded wonder of getting help when I needed it gets even better. On Thanksgiving morning my eye was so irritated from the medication that I developed the typical "old-lady panic" syndrome. I called the emergency on-call phone number the clinic provides and was again immediately connected with a real person who assured me she would page the doctor. Fully expecting at least an hour or two wait, I headed for the kitchen to clean up the dishes. I didn't even get the water turned on before the phone rang and I was talking to the doctor. He quickly and easily answered my questions and relieved my concerns, which took less time than my getting to the phone and answering it.

The high customer service standards set by Longview Eye Clinic could well be emulated by every facet of the medical industry. I remain confident that most facilities are making every effort to reach such high or even higher levels of customer satisfaction. You don't need statistics to show you that satisfied customers will come back!

Caroline Porter-Jones

Ocean Park

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