Levy money is spent at the discretion of the school board. I can't vote for the renewal of the levy. In fact, I won't go at all since they need 2,300 plus voters to validate the election.

I could get long-winded in order to deflect criticism in response to my letter, but I will spare you. I'm sure some will misunderstand me. I support schools; not the $10,000 raise for our superintendent, Mr. Lockyer. Others I've talked to agree that this is not a good discretionary decision to make in a district so desperate for funding. At the same time, other district jobs were cut. He now makes between $90,000 and $100,000 a year. They like to compare our levy rate to others in the state. Let's compare this one particular salary to other superintendents. The Longview superintendent has 10,000 more students, and makes $10,000 dollars less! Our district has approximately 1,700 students. I know $10,000 dollars wouldn't cover everything that's needed, but jeez!

We could use that money for new books for the new libraries or a $10,000 air conditioning unit for a computer lab. If Mr. Lockyer was so worth it, then fine. But I would like to see the school board make a new discretionary decision - to lower the salary for the next superintendent we hire. Don't let this set a precedent.

Kaapi Lee Porter Corsi


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