On Oct. 23, Jonathan Lee Dearmore passed from this life and time stood still as I began to meet this new, unfortunate chapter in my life. As many have experienced, losing a loved one carries a significant impact and can leave one feeling burdened with “next steps,” both predictable and unknown. I am blessed to have been at such an advantage by an outpouring of love and support, helping me move forward into a new life, one of independence and increased responsibility.

    It would be unfair to attempt to list everyone who has sacrificed a portion of their own life over recent weeks to benefit mine. My daughter Kaelee, family, church families, friends, neighbors, communities, and organizations have all had a hand in this transition, holding mine each challenging step of the way. With every new challenge, a solution followed. Each new worry faded into peace. So many questions were met with timely answers, all because of the selfless efforts of caring people in my life.

    Thank you for all the contributions that have been made, including homemade meals and items delivered to my home, transportation, service coordination, an abundance of beautiful flower bouquets, cleaning efforts, assistance with feeding our animals, going through personal items, monetary donations directed to multiple beneficiaries, and being available to pick up loose ends, meet spontaneous needs, and share company.

    Equally as important and overwhelming has been the support through thoughts and prayers. As genuine as your gestures have been, I am equally convinced they have been seen, heard and felt. They have carried my family and me, especially during the bumps in the road. Your love has meant the world to us and it is all we need. Please know that “LOVE NEVER FAILS.” Once again, it has found its target here.

    Our family is so blessed to be surrounded by so many good people. It’s difficult to imagine the absence of each and every one of your caring hearts during this period of time. We are better people because you are in our lives and we are in debt to each of you.

    Thank you for the countless time, effort, contributions, support, and prayer over recent weeks. May your blessings in life be multiplied because of the love you have shown us.

    God bless you,

Lori Dearmore

and family


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