I haven't heard any publicity from the so-called major news sources regarding retractions for the massive erroneous reporting about the mayhem that supposedly took place in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina hit.

Large gangs were reportedly roaming through the city, looting, raping and killing. Google.com has numerous confirmed statements by various officials that contradict most of the "news stories" that got the whole world in an uproar. But, of course, that was the inevitable goal of the bogus stories. And by not correcting them, the news outlets allow the world to continue thinking it was all true. Hurrah for the Internet!

New Orleans Parish District Attorney Eddie Jordan said only four murders were confirmed in the whole of New Orleans in the week following the hurricane, making it a typical week. Two hundred homicides were anticipated for 2005.

One report now says that six people died in the Superdome: four from natural causes, one overdose, and one apparent suicide. Another report said there were 10 bodies in the Superdome, with no details. At the convention center there were four deaths: three from natural causes and one homicide. Louisiana National Guard LTC Jacques Thibodeaux was at both locations, and he says that rapes, murders and complete lawlessness are just false, they didn't happen.

Dr. Louise Cataldie, state Health and Human Services administrator overseeing body recovery said his teams were inundated by false reports of bodies. They swept the two locations several times, due to repeated reports of bodies, and it was all false.

All the false reports appear to be the result of reporters hearing stories from bystanders, not checking or confirming anything, and reporting them as fact. We apparently have a lot of budding Dan Rathers out there who are convinced that the story is more important than the facts.

Joe Earley


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