It is said, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” WellSpring Community Network believes in a positive vision for our community and strives to create a healthier environment for children and families. We constantly ask ourselves what we can do to support the best possible outcomes for everyone who lives here. We work hard to reduce youth substance use and abuse, support good mental health and promote positive parenting. There are many means to an end, and WellSpring uses many different strategies to tackle these areas. We believe that there are many ways that we can all make a difference in the life of a child. We have an opportunity in front of us now with the current vote for the Ocean Beach School District’s Maintenance and Operation and Technology levies. 

We understand the value that a quality primary and secondary education means to the future of our young people. We also understand just how important a quality public school system is to a community in many collateral ways. We additionally know that the future of our country is dependent upon our citizens having the opportunity for the highest possible level of education. When everyone pitches in financially, voluntarily and shares in the solution to help provide the needed support for our schools then we can be assured, as responsible citizens, we have done our part to provide the best possible educational opportunity for our cherished young citizens. 

Washington state is one of the few states nationwide that requires school districts to depend on the funds from levies as an integral part of the school district’s annual budget. The monies from these levies make up approximately 25 percent of Ocean Beach School District’s annual budget. With the continual cuts in funding from the federal and state levels, the monies raised from these levies become even more important. Failure of these levies would remove over $2 million from the district’s budget. The impact of this loss would be devastating to our local education system.  

Voting yes on both of these levy requests will not increase your taxes, as these are replacement levies. Each and every member in this community has an opportunity to make a positive impact on the children by giving them the best education possible.  

Please join us in voting “YES” for the M & O and Technology levies that are on your Feb. 8 ballot. 

Board of WellSpring Community Network




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