I don't know about you, but I am tired of hearing about "cut the services" as the cure to cutting the budget.

How about making all government employees pay for their medical, same as I have to pay for mine. Stop paying for information technology staffers and other people to go to seminars in other states, and stop incurring their education expenses sometimes in the thousands of dollars. Stop paying for the accountants' certificates. Anybody who makes good money should pay for their own education, not the government. Stop subsidizing delis so they can have lunch in the government building. Stop subsidizing golf courses.

Most of what I refer to is happening in Clark County but I am sure it happens everywhere. Get rid of managers who only manage one person.

Come on people. It's "We the people." Do not sit back and expect changes unless we all start doing something. This "I see nothing, hear nothing and do nothing" does not work for the people. Washington state, get your act together. (I could tell horror stories of the waste that I was told to ignore as it was not my responsibility.)

Margaret Hunt


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