I got a chuckle out of the silly editorial about the supposedly phony Social Security crisis.

The basic premise of the editorial was that we should raise taxes on the rich by taxing income over $90,000.

This approach is ridiculous. The Social Security "lock box" that various Democrat luminaries such as Al Gore, Howard Dean and John Kerry bloviate about doesn't have a dime in it. It is full of IOUs. All the money raised for Social Security in the past has been spent, poured into the gaping maw of the Federal Pork Barrel.

Raising taxes, currently 16.2 percent for Social Security and Medicare, just throws more money into the budget for Congress (both Republicans and Democrats) to blow.

The bogus assertion that there is no crisis isn't true because Social Security taxes are spent for everything other than Social Security.

There was a crisis when Bill Clinton was president. He said so repeatedly. So did Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Al Gore, Robert KKK Byrd and every other Democrat. Raising taxes just buys more pork for the bigs to buy votes with.

Pierre Stephenson

Ocean Park

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